Taxotere, a member of the Taxane drug family, is used to prevent cancer cells from rapidly growing and dividing. Taxotere is specifically used to treat breast cancer.


The drug is administered intravenously through a vein as part of chemotherapy. The most devastating side-effect of Taxotere is alopecia (or permanent hair loss). Taxotere did not warn patients about the increased risk of alopecia after taking Taxotere. Approximately 3-6% of cancer patients that take Taxotere are diagnosed with alopecia. There is an alternative drug, called Taxol, that is more effective and does not cause hair loss. Taxotere is a synthetic version of Taxol, developed by the American company called Bristol-Myers, which is twice as strong and significantly more toxic. Had patients been aware of the side-effects of Taxotere, they would have been prescribed the alternative drug.

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