Americans take more prescription medication today than in any other time in history, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the last 20 years, the rate of pharmaceutical prescriptions filled by Americans (adults and children) has increased by a whopping 85 percent. While many of these medications are helpful and even life-saving, others have caused severe harm and death. In 2014, 124,000 Americans died as a direct result of drug complications. Another 1.3 million were rushed to the emergency room for adverse side effects. In recent litigation, court documents have shown that Big Pharma has minimized potential side effects to fast-track approval and deceptively promoted drugs for unapproved “off-label” uses, putting millions at risk for life-threatening harm.


Prescription medication adverse events on the rise


FDA drug recalls are the most effective way to protect consumers from defective or dangerous medications. Unfortunately, this public notification often comes months or even years after the drug hits the market, and adverse events are reported.


Showard Law Firm is on the forefront of breaking pharmaceutical litigation. Our experienced mass tort lawyers believe that manufacturers should be held accountable when dangerous drugs cause injury, disability or death. Pharmaceutical giants routinely put profits over public safety and have paid steep penalties in civil lawsuits where the Justice Department finds evidence of deceptive marketing. These multimillion-dollar fines are simply the cost of doing business for Big Pharma.


In 1962, Congress passed legislation that makes pharmaceutical companies prove their products are safe and effective before entering the marketplace. Consider that in 2018 alone, the FDA has already received reports of 27,000 serious adverse drug events. These “serious” adverse events typically require urgent medical intervention, hospitalization and are considered life-threatening in nature.


Cases handled by drug injury lawyers


Drug injury lawyers that sue pharmaceutical companies cite the failings of regulatory bodies like the FDA, while condemning the fraudulent marketing carried out by deep-pocketed corporations. If you or a loved one suffered serious harm from a prescription medication, Showard Law Firm has the resources and expertise to help. Our bad drug lawyers are leaders in the field and leverage years of pharmaceutical litigation practice recovering just compensation for our clients.


We are currently reviewing dangerous drug lawsuits involving:



Causes for FDA drug recalls


Drug recalls can be mandated by the FDA or performed voluntarily by the manufacturer.  An 8-year analysis of FDA drug recalls by Laguna Treatment Center found that rates have been steadily increasing, with the top offenders being dietary supplements, injectable drugs, painkillers, IV medications, heart medications, cough medicines and herbal supplements.


The FDA has three classifications for drug recalls:


  • Class I Recall: A dangerous or defective drug that can cause serious health problems or death
  • Class II Recall: A product that might result in a temporary health problem or pose a slight risk of a serious side effect
  • Class III Recall: A drug has violated FDA manufacturing or labeling laws


In 2017, federal regulators logged 900,000 serious adverse drug events and 160,000 drug-related deaths – the highest number in five years. Why are so many people being harmed by medications that are supposed to improve health?


The leading reasons for drug recalls include:


  • Product defects
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Incorrect labeling or ingredient levels
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Lack of sterility
  • Manufacturing violations
  • Product contains particulates


How prescription drug lawsuit attorneys can help


Pharmaceutical giants realize enormous financial gains every year, earning billions of dollars in global revenue. For companies like Pfizer and Bayer, marketing practices don’t always comply with FDA regulations, but penalties and litigation settlements are incorporated into their bottom line. When a drug manufacturer is not entirely forthcoming about potential side effects, provides insufficient instruction on how to use the product, or illegally solicits physicians to prescribe the medication for untested uses, consumers are the ones who suffer.


The best defective drug lawyers are interested not only in securing the damages their clients deserve but holding negligent pharmaceutical makers accountable for their misconduct. Showard Law Firm is well-versed in every aspect of drug injury litigation on the federal and state level, and works with industry experts, medical specialists and veteran investigators to build a strong claim for damages.


It is incredibly challenging to go up against Big Pharma in the courts, which is why you need the best attorneys on your side – those who have substantive experience with mass tort actions involving defective drugs. Showard Law Firm protects your interests and provides sage advice on how to reach a successful resolution to your case. From pre-trial preparations to settlement negotiations, we are tenacious advocates who can deftly navigate complex legal proceedings.


Dangerous drug settlements


Showard Law Firm is not intimidated by pharmaceutical companies and their legions of lawyers.  We know how to optimize the value of a dangerous drug case, to account for current and future medical expenses, emotional distress, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, loss of consortium and other damages.


The average settlement for a bad drug can vary greatly, depending on the type and severity of injury, the age of the plaintiff, medical costs attributed to the injury, projected loss of income and the evidence mounted against the defendant.


Some of Big Pharma’s largest drug injury settlements:


  • Takeda, manufacturer of diabetes drug Actos, paid out $2.3 billion in settlements over failure to warn about bladder cancer risks
  • Bayer, makers of birth control pill Yasmin, paid $110 million to settle accusations that the pills caused dangerous blood clots
  • Boehringer Ingelheim paid $650 million to settle lawsuits concerning failure to warn of Pradaxa bleeding risks


Can you sue after a recall? Yes, in fact many defective drug cases are filed after the product has been pulled off the shelves.


Showard Law Firm can answer your legal questions and determine eligibility for filing a dangerous drug lawsuit. Our primary goal is leveling the playing field and obtaining maximum compensation for pain and suffering. Call for a free case evaluation today.


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