Many people prefer to spend vacations with loved ones on a cruise. While these trips can provide a lifetime of happy memories for you and your family, you should be aware of the danger of sexual assault on these ships.


The Risk of Sexual Assault on Cruises is Real


Cruise ship passengers may be at a heightened risk for sexual assault. Not only are people naturally less vigilant on vacation, but Showard Law Firm has reason to believe that the statistics reported by cruise ships are not accurate. Unfortunately, this may add to passengers’ false sense of comfort and safety.


Can We Trust What the Cruise Lines are Telling Us?


While the FBI has noted that sexual assault is the crime most frequently reported on cruise ships, there is no way to know just how pervasive it is. Many victims may not even report a sexual assault claim to authorities, and cruise lines may not be fully forthcoming. For example, in 2012, there were 29 sexual assault allegations on cruise ships reported to the FBI. However, only 11 of those 29 were communicated to the public. Additionally, one major cruise line documented 173 reports of rape or sexual assault during a five-year span, and none of the alleged perpetrators were prosecuted.


A Disturbing Trend on Cruise Ships


In 2018 alone, the Cruise Lines International Association reported that there were 28.5 million cruise ship passengers, and the number of passengers in the United States increased by 9.6 percent from 2017 to 2018. According to the US Department of Transportation’s Cruise Line Incident Report for July 1-September 30 of 2019, there were at least 35 sexual assaults reported on cruise lines. Most of these incidents (27) involved passengers, five involved crew members, and three involved “others,” a term not further defined by the Department. Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean comprised the bulk of the incidents, with 20 occurring on the former and eight reports on the latter.


Proceed with Caution When Enjoying a Cruise 


In short, despite the fact that the numbers that have been reported are alarming in themselves, travelers need to be aware that any statistics presented by the cruise lines may not be accurate. With that in mind, Showard Law Firm strongly advises you to remain as vigilant and careful as ever– even while on a cruise.


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