Ovarian cancer claims the lives of more than 14,000 women each year in the United States. Some of those deaths have been attributed to the use of talc-based products for feminine hygiene purposes. If you developed ovarian cancer after using Shower to Shower, Baby Powder or other talc-containing products, you may be eligible for legal damages by pursuing a talcum powder lawsuit. Showard Law Firm represents women harmed by dangerous consumer products.


Talc linked to ovarian cancer


Numerous studies bolster claims that talcum powder, when applied in the underwear or near the genital area, can increase the risk of ovarian cancer in women. While the FDA has yet to issue a public talc cancer warning, research findings published in Cancer Prevention Research found a 30 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer after following 8,525 women who used talc-based powders for feminine hygiene.


According to internal J&J records unearthed in recent litigation, the pharmaceutical giant knew about the risk of ovarian cancer with genital talc use decades ago, but intentionally withheld this information. As a direct result of this alleged failure to warn, plaintiffs contend that they had no way of knowing about the baby powder cancer risk and that this put their health in danger.


In a 2018 talc lawsuit trial in St. Louis, Missouri, the plaintiff’s medical experts testified that talc particles and asbestos fibers were discovered in the ovarian tissues of women who used Baby Powder and Shower to Shower over the years. Johnson & Johnson, along with other talcum powder manufacturers, have consistently denied any connection between their products and cancer. The American Cancer Society has stated there is “possible increase in ovarian cancer risk” associated with perineal talcum powder use.


The attorneys at Showard Law Firm have the resources and legal savvy to take on complex defective drug claims against Big Pharma. Talc manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson, Vanderbilt Minerals and Colgate Palmolive generate billions of dollars in revenue, allowing them to retain vast teams of seasoned litigators. Working with an experienced talcum powder lawyer at our firm who is associated with attorneys on the forefront of talc litigation will help ensure the highest chances of securing compensation.


Talcum powder cancer litigation


The vast majority of current litigation against talc manufacturers surrounds allegations that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer. However, some talc mesothelioma cases have also entered the courts. Mesothelioma is a very rare, deadly type of cancer of the lungs that is linked to asbestos exposure. In 2018, Stephen Lanzo III and his spouse won a $117 million verdict against J&J and its talc supplier in a New Jersey state court. The plaintiff claimed he developed mesothelioma from asbestos particles in baby powder that he applied on his skin for 30 years.


Talc ovarian cancer lawsuit status


J&J and other talc manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are facing more than 9,000 talc cancer lawsuits contending the defendants failed to warn about ovarian cancer risks.  Some of the complaints are pending in state courts in Missouri and California, where most of the verdicts have been rendered. However, the majority of claims have been consolidated in the U.S. District of New Jersey as part of multidistrict litigation (MDL No. 2738).


Showard Law Firm leverages extensive experience handling mass tort claims, like those being managed in the talcum powder MDL. Multidistrict litigation streamlines pre-trial processes, allowing parties to conserve resources while still preserving the individuality of each lawsuit. This is different than a class action, in which large groups of plaintiffs will share in a single verdict or settlement. Multidistrict litigation No. 2738 has amassed more than 8,600 actions, which are still in the early phases of discovery. The products listed in these ovarian cancer suits include Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, and Cashmere Bouquet.


Multidistrict litigation may eventually be resolved with a global settlement that allows each claimant the chance to participate in the accord or take their case to trial.


Talcum powder settlements and verdicts


Defendants have reached talcum powder settlements in a few individual cases – the terms of which have been kept confidential. Notable jury verdicts in ovarian cancer cases include:


  • 2016: Missouri jury hands down $72 million judgement, later vacated by the Supreme Court
  • 2016: $70 million judgement awarded to a California plaintiff
  • 2016:  $55 million verdict for plaintiff, an ovarian cancer survivor
  • 2017: J&J prevails in talcum powder cancer lawsuit
  • 2017:  Virginia woman wins $110 million verdict in Missouri court
  • 2017: California jury awards $417 million to plaintiff Eva Echeverria. This was later vacated and is now being appealed
  • July 2018: J&J ordered to pay $4.7 billion to 22 plaintiffs and their families who argued that asbestos in the defendant’s talc products caused their ovarian cancer. Six of these women died from ovarian cancer before the trial took place in St. Louis circuit court. J&J intends to appeal the decision.


How a talcum powder lawyer can help


Women across the nation are suing for fair compensation under the theory that a household product that is promoted as gentle enough to use on babies during diaper changes should be safe and free of carcinogens. Showard Law Firm is currently reviewing claims of women who believe their cancer was caused by long-term use of Baby Powder and other talc products. We believe that those who are struggling with a life-threatening illness deserve the best legal representation available – attorneys who will handle every aspect of litigation and fight for the money you deserve.


We invite you to schedule a free talcum powder lawsuit consultation with Showard Law Firm today.


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