The death of a loved one is always painful. This can be especially true when families know that the death could have been avoided. In a wrongful death lawsuit, families and other dependents have the chance to seek justice for the loss of their loved ones.

A wrongful death lawsuit is somewhat like a personal injury case, except in the case of a fatality the deceased’s loved ones may file the suit on their own behalf as well as on behalf of the estate.

The team at Showard Law Firm can help by helping you find the evidence you need to make your case. This might include autopsy reports, police reports, eyewitness testimony, photos and video, and other evidence specific to your case.

There are several different types of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, and they include economic compensation like lost wages and compensation for medical and funeral bills, non-economic damages for loss of the relationship, and in some cases punitive damages against the defendant.

For many of these types of damages, you will need to collect several documents that are important to make your case including:

  • Tax Returns— this will help establish the deceased’s future wages;
  • Funeral or medical bills— incurred through the treatment and burial of your loved one;
  • Pictures of your loved one or letters they wrote help to establish damages including loss of the relationship;
  • Evidence used to establish negligence may further prove that punitive damages are in order.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Tucson

If your loved one has died as a result of someone’s negligence, you may have a case. Contact a personal injury lawyer at the Showard Law Firm to find out more about how we can help.

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