There are nearly 11 million large trucks on the road, and that number grows almost daily. With a higher concentration of large trucks on the road there is a higher likelihood of being involved in trucking accidents with one of these vehicles.

A large truck can come in many different shapes. Single unit trucks, cargo vans, and tractor-trailers can all fall into the category, since it is the weight that makes the difference. These vehicles can tip the scales at more than 10,000 lbs, meaning in an accident with a passenger vehicle they can do tremendous damage. Their size and weight are often contributing factors in accidents, and when they collide with passenger vehicles the odds are stacked against the passenger cars. About 70% of all fatalities when cars and trucks collide are in the car, about 30% are in the truck.

After a trucking accident, it is sometimes possible for trucking companies to destroy evidence that is necessary for victims to make their case. A Tucson trucking accident attorney at the Showard Law Firm should be contacted as soon as possible after your accident so that your lawyer can inform the trucking company of pending litigation. This prevents the trucking company from destroying evidence that may be crucial to your case. Some of the important evidence includes:

  • Damage to the truck including dents and paint scratches;
  • Tire damage and worn tires that can be evidence of poor maintenance;
  • Data recorder information that can provide information about the truck’s motion;
  • Safety records from the trucking company that may need to be obtained from the U.S Department of Transportation

Each piece of evidence could be the important piece that explains the circumstances of your accident.

At Showard Law Firm, we can help you by getting the evidence that is important to make a successful trucking accident claim. You and your family can often be saddled with skyrocketing medical bills and property damage to your vehicle. Acting quickly after an accident can make the difference, and our experience can be a powerful asset after your Tucson trucking accident.

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