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Showard Law Firm

Compassionate representation for your legal battle

Since 2006, Showard Law Firm has helped thousands of clients in the United States receive millions of dollars in settlements for their injuries due to defective drugs, medical devices, and personal injury claims.

Professional Legal Advice

This is not an 800-number or a clearinghouse. We are your local attorneys who will meet with you face-to-face and always keep you up to date on your case.

Experienced Lawyers

We specialize in suing manufacturers of faulty products and defective drugs, and we take on significant personal injury cases. Additionally, we are one of the only all-female mass tort law firms in the country

Record of Success

Since 2006, we have won millions of dollars in settlements, allowing our clients to get justice and get on with the healing of their lives.

Protection You Deserve

If you are here, chances are you put your trust in the hands of a medical industry that violated that trust. A life that was supposed to be made better, was made worse. The results are life-changing or even catastrophic. For some, quality of life will never be the same. Entire families are affected. This is why we practice kindness with every client, along with an aggressive and intelligently crafted pursuit of justice. Our strength is our knowledge of the law and our humanity towards those we seek to heal through the law.

Working With You

These are major legal battles, and some cases can take 3-5 years. That’s why we believe it’s vital to stay in touch with you by sending update letters on the latest information. We remain accessible so you will never wonder if anything is happening.

Did You Know?

At Showard Law Firm we start by educating the public about FDA-approved drugs harming people.

Who We Sue

We sue manufacturers of faulty products, not your doctor! We go after the companies who created the drugs and devices that were supposed to heal you, not harm you.

Multi District Litigation

By filing your case within a MDL we can maximize the power of your case by joining with clients from different lawyers in other states. Unlike class action suits, everyone doesn’t get the same amount; you get money according to your unique injury.

Free Consultation

Whomever you choose, your attorney will be your partner for months or even years to come. You need to feel comfortable and confident before you commit. Schedule a free, in-person consultation today.
Showard Law Firm is dedicated to compassionate representation for our clients who have been injured by defective products, dangerous drugs or the negligence of any individual or company.

Sarah J. Showard

Attorney-at-Law | Owner
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Sarah J. Showard Attorney at Law headshot located in Tucson Arizona

Attorney at Law | Owner

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